Copy Describing an Electronic Product

The Lightronic TL2448 Lighting Console

Performers live in light as fish live in water, as birds live in air. The stage space in which they move is their aquarium, their portion of the heavens. Within translucent walls above the stage floor, the best stage lighting supports their flashing grace and ecstatic flights.

The Lightronic TL2448 lighting console was designed and constructed with all these considerations in mind. No matter how big your show, performance or event, the TL2448 is more than capable of accommodating the most advanced directorial expectations. All the things you expect from a Lightronic device are present, but also so much more. With a staggering 142 channels, 1200 scene memories, 50 scene banks and 156 DMX channels, this flagship console can handle the most complex multi-day performance without breaking sweat. A cue stack of 600 and 36 chases with 40 steps per chase means you will never be out of options, even when handling the biggest and most elaborate events for the most demanding directors and performers.

Designed and manufactured to the most demanding standards, the Lightronic TL2448 puts a whole universe of lighting possibilities at your fingertips. Believe us when we say this console will make you an artist in light.

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