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NLP for Business and Law

Casagua Writing Services - NLP Writing for Business & Law

NLP for Business and Law
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The Casagua Method combines NLP, General Semantics, Iceberg Theory, hypnotherapy and linguistic philosophy to create or modulate written texts. Our methods are designed to ‘reframe’ the reader’s neuro-linguistic maps of reality in accordance with our clients’ goals, ambitions and desires. We achieve this through careful use of metaphors, customer avatars, emotional anchors and various other NLP techniques. The Casagua method is especially valuable when the client cannot explicitly state their goals and ambitions, although it has value in many other situations. 

NLP Writing for Business & Law

NLP and the Art of Writing

  • Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein argued that without language, we would not be able to think at all. Since language permits thought, manipulation of language can also manipulate thought. Building on Wittgenstein’s ideas, sociologist Pierre Bourdieu argued that language provides the ‘key to the message’ of education, and is largely responsible for educational failure or success.
  • Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway developed the ‘Iceberg Theory’ to gain and hold his reader’s attention. This involved keeping known knowledge ‘submerged’ as a hidden subtext underlying the story. The reader feels compelled to join these informational gaps with feelings or intuitions, thereby committing themselves to the narrative. Hemingway also repeated key phrases to create a ‘glacial waterfall’ akin to hypnotism.
  • Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson used various linguistic tools to elicit desirable responses in his patients. His therapeutic metaphors, indirect questions and shifts of vocal tonality bypassed the gates of consciousness to guide and heal his patients at a covert, subconscious level.
  • NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming applies various hypnotherapeutic and linguistic techniques to address issues of perception, communication and identity.
  • Many SF writers of the 1950s and 60s used General Semantics – a major influence on NLP – to create celebrated novels. Both A E van Vogt’s World of Null-A and Frank Herbert’s Dune refer to GS and embody its conceptual methods.

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