First Language Not English?

First language not English but want to break into lucrative English-Speaking markets such as the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand? If you are a company based in a non-English speaking country trying to reach an English-speaking audience, we will polish the words on your website to ensure idiom, grammar and style are perfectly matched. We also create telesales scripts and company literature tailored to your specific needs.

Alternatively, your business might be based in one of the English-speaking countries but the language on your website or social media does not reassure potential customers. Perhaps the English you learned in your native country does not quite fit the territory in which you operate. There are many differences between American and British English spelling and usage (American ‘gas’ is British ‘petrol’ for instance). There are additional factors to consider, however.

The Many Pitfalls of English

Within any English-speaking country, there a several distinct styles of English in operation. For example, ‘literary’ writing uses language in a less concise way than ‘technical’ or ‘scientific’ writing. Different social classes and age groups also use English very differently. Older people respond to a more formal style, as do the higher social classes. Both these groups are less likely to use contractions (such as can’t, won’t) and seldom use slang words. Highly-educated readers generally have a much broader vocabulary and use more complex syntax and punctuation than those without professional qualifications.

If English is not your first language, your writing can also suffer problems with idiom and grammar. An idiom is an expression unique to a particular language whose meaning is not deducible from its individual words. There are many of these in English, such as ‘over the moon’ or ‘see the light’.

A single word can have multiple meanings in English, despite sharing the same spelling and gender. For example, the noun ‘spring’ can mean a season, a piece of coiled metal or a sudden jump. Only an educated native speaker will always recognise or use these words in their correct context.

CBD Are Here to Help

Don’t worry – we are highly experienced editors and content creators, experts at removing grammatical errors while adding those stylish touches that turn casual readers into loyal customers. We combine Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques with simple but informative language to showcase the benefits of your products and services. Turning enquiries into sales is central to business success and we help you explain everything you have to offer in clear and cogent terms.

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