How We Work

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Casagua Writing Services offer a new kind of service which combines skilled content writing with rigorous research and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to create or re-engineer your public presence. Our approach applies discrete traditional skills in new ways. Traditional copywriters and designers lack our depth understanding of business and NLP, limiting their efforts to cosmetic adjustment. Brand engineering is a good description of what we do, as is brand surgery.

The Magic of Words

Every human being has their world, a combination of perspectives held together by language and emotion. What we do might seem like ‘magic’, like the illusions of David Blaine or Harry Houdini. However, like any skilled stage magician, we are merely manipulating perceptions to create desirable effects. Think of your reader as the audience at a magic show; you are the promoter, who wants the audience to experience certain emotions; and we are the magicians, manipulating their perceptions to create the feelings you desire.

An Interesting Test Case

One of our recent jobs involved re-engineering a collections agency’s online presence. They wanted to overcome their ‘hard’ and unsympathetic image in order to contact respectable clients such as banks and legal firms.

First, we undertook detailed research to broaden our understanding of the collections industry. We conducted interviews with key personnel in order to compare the business against its ideal vision of itself. We also attended online seminars hosted by prominent figures in the lending industry in order to understand the latest issues and developments.

In this case, the solution was to emphasise client-lender reconciliation over clamping cars and towing them away. After a thorough rewrite of the company website we focused our efforts on LinkedIn. Business leaders form most of their working relationships on this application and promoting a positive presence there is vital.

We developed a programme of three 800-word LinkedIn articles and five LinkedIn posts a month, mirroring their content in website blog posts and other online media. We applied NLP techniques such as homophones, pattern interrupts and social proof to bring LinkedIn readers ‘onside’ and neutralise their instinctive distrust of collections agencies. Monthly themes created a sense of engagement and continuity.

A Decisive and Successful Solution

In a few months, we had multiplied the agency’s connections with their desired clientele by over ten times. No traditional design or copywriting agency could ever have achieved such effective brand re-engineering using traditional media methods. Applied NLP was the key to success.

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