Grant Applications

Grant funding is available to businesses for purposes ranging from Industrial Research and Development (through Government Bodies such as Innovate) to creating new software applications specific to a given industry.

To say that competition was fierce for almost any grant application would be a trifling understatement. To succeed in obtaining funding, applicants need to possess:

  1. A useful and innovative idea for a project.
  2. Evidence that the project can be delivered, in a practical sense.
  3. Yardsticks/measurements for assessment of both the progress and success of the project.
  4. Evidence of their suitability, experience and capability of undertaking the project.
  5. Evidence that the project will add value after it has been delivered.

The above is not an exhaustive list, by any means. When applying for a grant, you need to think on various levels and have a clear view of where you have come from, what you want to do and where you want to be. Understanding your SME’s brand and its potential is the key to successful grant applications. Firstly, such understanding allows you to examine the funding landscape in a focused and objective manner. Secondly, having a clear picture of your brand’s potential can invigorate your application, greatly boosting your chances of success.

Casagua Brand Development have extensive experience of grant applications and can offer assistance in the following ways:

  1. From our understanding of your brand, we can inform you which grants and funding opportunities are available.
  2. Looking at the feasibility of applying for a grant and helping you decide whether it is worthwhile spending considerable time on an application which may still be unsuccessful.
  3. Assistance in writing some or all sections of the grant application.
  4. Assistance in putting together reports after completion of the project (many grants have a section of the money retained until satisfactory production of an end-of-project report).

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