All your personal writing needs expertly handled, from a Best Man’s Speech to a sensitive Eulogy


You’re standing in front of an expectant audience. Just what do you say to them? We all have to make a speech sometime, even if it’s just a few well-chosen words at a family occasion or social event.

We ensure the tone, length and pace of the speech will be just right for your audience. Not only do we help you organise and articulate your thoughts, we craft memorable speeches that are succinct, adroit and appropriate.

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Applications, CVs, Essays & Theses

Applying for job or maybe a place on a course? We’ll help you stand out from the pack.

In these highly competitive times, getting into the college or university of your choice requires more than just the right qualifications. A successful college application also has to highlight your personal assets and achievements in the social, sporting and cultural fields. Well-chosen words can make all the difference.

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Life is full of unpredictable challenges that can only be solved with a well-written letter. Certain situations can leave you struggling to work out exactly how to communicate your feelings or aims. You know what you want to say but it’s difficult to find just the right level of empathy or tact.

We are experts in finding exactly the right words to express your thoughts, treating every situation with special consideration. Our carefully crafted letters ensure the recipient will know exactly what you mean.

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Writing and Editing for people with Dyslexia

Dyslexia can be a real problem when trying to deal with employers, government bodies, lawyers and other institutions. Dyslexic minds process information differently, which can make spelling and grammar tricky. You know what you want to say but struggle to express it in writing.

Fortunately, we have lots of experience in helping dyslexic clients write formal letters, legal claims, personal statements, job applications, essays and other important documents.

We will edit your writing for maximum clarity and impact until you are completely happy with the result.

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