Refreshing your Brand

Taking a comprehensive approach to the way your customers see you.

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

In sum, we engineer the brand identities of successful SMEs so they can break into new markets and do business with different types of clients. To do this, we apply various techniques and strategies across a wide range of media channels, with a special focus on business to business communications.

Developing a Brand Strategy

We help you identify your audience and then work out a distinctive narrative to convey your unique message. This provides the platform on which to develop the right voice and tone for your web copy and social media content. We also develop a blog strategy so that stories and articles consistently reflect your brand and USP.

Our six-point plan for Brand Development:

1. Define your audience.

2. Define your statement.

3. Summarize – succinctly and powerfully – what you want to say.

4. Write a detailed background to your brand, giving it personality and gravitas.

5. Ensure your message is consistent on all communications channels, matching with your overall branding strategy.

6. Create flexible strategies to develop ongoing customer engagement with your brand.

We have been extremely successful in creating and adjusting public perceptions of various business brands. We focus on business-to-business communications for successful SMEs in ‘unfashionable’ industries who need to adjust or upgrade their public image. We also help SMEs market dynamic niche products and services in public and business spaces.

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