Writing Samples

Some samples of our applied writing

(with permission for publication obtained from clients)

1) Linkedin for Business & Marketing: Going out by staying in to create real and meaningful relationships

Peeping nervously around my front door – I catch a glimpse of the postman holding a parcel delivery for me. Adopting social distancing etiquette, I emerge briefly to retrieve the book I’ve ordered, nod and smile appreciation and retreat quickly back into isolation.  I disinfect my delivery package and wash my hands before returning to my laptop to click “join meeting” and resume my virtual exchanges with work colleagues.  Such is business life in lockdown (read full article)

2) Media Article

The UK advertising industry is still trapped in an eighties mentality, assuming that consumers are 23-year old London yuppies eager for novel consumptive experiences. In terms of age (under 40), location (London and South East), attitudes (‘left-wing’ and individualist), education (graduate or post-graduate), British advertising professionals are hopelessly out of touch with the audiences they are trying to reach. So says a major study headed by Adam Tenzer, head of Group Insight at Trinity Mirror Solutions (read full article)

3) Copy describing an electronic product

The Lightronic TL2448 Lighting Console

Performers live in light as fish live in water, as birds live in air. The stage space in which they move is their aquarium, their portion of the heavens. Within translucent walls above the stage floor, the best stage lighting supports their flashing grace and ecstatic flights (read all copy)

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