Legal Writing Services

Attorneys representing prisoners of all kinds are welcome to utilise our expertise. When adjusting a legal document, we use a three-stage approach:

  • We identify the specific areas that will benefit from rewriting
  • We identify the client’s specific needs and aspirations
  • We weave the client’s needs and aspirations into the rewriting, using dynamic NLP techniques.

Parole Applications

Parole Boards often say they ‘are not swayed by emotions’; however, all human beings are swayed by emotions, whether they know it or not. If their judgements were wholly objective and infallible, they would never release repeat offenders back into society.

This means that any presentation to a Parole Board must first be purged of negative ‘anchors’, or painful neuro-linguistic associations. When tested and dynamic NLP techniques are applied to the parole statement, the Board is subtly led to realise that the prisoner is ready for release and eager to make a positive social contribution.


Court documents (such as the first pleading) often present an opportunity to present the accused in a positive light. While some of our writers have a legal training, we are not offering legal advice. By applying the dynamic principles of NLP to the text, we can however give your court document more impact and appeal to disinterested readers.

Although they claim to be impartial, legal officials are only human and therefore susceptible to emotional manipulation using NLP techniques such as Pattern Interrupts, Positive Anchoring and Sensory Manipulation. Filing fees in the USA are also quite expensive, so it pays to make these documents count.

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