Web Copy

The copy on your website is your corporate voice

We construct web copy to meet your specific requirements. Just send us a few notes about your business or organisation and we’ll work them up into keyword-rich web content. A few phone calls and edits later and your website or blog will contain several hundred lines of polished copy that connects visitors to your business message and tells the world what you’re all about, using language perfectly suited to your target audience. Every company has its ideal audience and needs to address them using precisely the right ‘voice’ – the style of expression best suited to their needs and attitudes. A middle-aged man running a successful engineering company will respond to a different voice than a working mother in her twenties.

We give personality to your web copy

Far too many content writers assume that the same voice – namely, theirs – is suitable for every target audience. It isn’t. That’s why we tailor the vocabulary and style of all our web content to have the maximum impact on your target audience. Every word is an arrow/dart/missile selected to strike its particular mark and get your message out there.

Many successful companies struggle to express their unique vision via the written word. This is because their goals, values and procedures first need liberating from the ‘hidden organisation’ – the subliminal core of any business that is seldom considered, let alone articulated – before we can describe them. When creating copy for a company website, we first identify your ‘hidden organisation’ via interviews and basic research. Once the ‘hidden organisation’ has been mapped, we use this priceless knowledge to articulate a new and expanded vision of your business on your website and social media.

In this video, Director John Waterhouse explains the unique CWS philosophy:

All our writers have extensive experience of writing engaging web copy, killer headlines and forceful calls to action for a wide range of private and public sector clients.

Great copy can be the difference between selling your product or service and becoming a ‘cobweb’ site gathering dust in the forgotten regions of the Internet. Remember, there are now millions of websites competing for your customer’s attention. Vague headlines, ambling straplines and incoherent copy simply won’t ‘cut the mustard’ in such a competitive environment. You need far more to stand a chance of being noticed – and happily, CWS can provide it.

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