How NLP can Help a Business Sell

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has practical, proven value for written business communications. This pragmatism differentiates it markedly from psychoanalytical or sociological marketing techniques.

In simple terms, applying NLP to your written communications maximises their effectiveness. In turn, this promotes your products or services in the marketplace.

Maps and Filters

We all apply both of these each second of every day. In fact, we cannot communicate without in-built and experiential notions of what things are or should be. So much of what see, hear and read is only understood via various assumptions. If this was not so, we could never convey even the simplest information. NLP uses these natural assumptions to generate feelings of intrigue and curiosity – encouraging your audience to hear more!

The Natural Stages of Learning

Learning starts from being unconsciously competent through to being consciously competent (i.e. you do it right ‘naturally’). NLP helps focus this process by helping people learn what it is you want to tell them.

The Correct Use of Predicates

How is something best described? Calling something ‘weighty’ invokes the sense of touch while ‘tuning in’ to a new message summons the sense of sound. And a ‘sparkling‘ idea seems so much better when we can ‘see’ it. Adroit use of sensory wording brings a message to life and makes it memorable. This applies to both specific words and entire phrases.

These are just a few of the many ways in which NLP can encourage people to take an interest in your product or service.