C-Best, Canadian Software Company
‘Excellent. Once again, thank you so much for all the efforts you put towards building our sales script and reviewing website.’
Andrew Turnbull – Cheadle Therapy
‘John Keane offered very useful insights on my site’s content, structure and design as well as extensive technical support.’
RICs Candidate
‘Thank you! My case study is now a model answer on the RICs (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) website.’
Adam Mustafa – Workforce UK
‘Hi John and Rob! Thank you for the letter heads and business cards. Appreciate your service. I’ll be in touch soon for four more projects. Kind regards, Adam.’
David Plater – P&P Consulting
‘Thank you for your brilliant work on our marketing materials – I would definitely recommend you to anyone.’
Mike – Energy Guru
‘Cheshire Writing Services have enabled our telesales team to speak to more people, without getting the phone put down!’
Sana Shali – Student
‘It was perfect. I really appreciate your help.’
Robert Bovensiepen
‘My speech was very well received.’
Dave Farnell – Best Man
‘A good speech – fine work.’
Chris Brogan – Proprietor, Egg Mobile Brunches
‘Thanks, that input was exactly what I needed!’

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