Sales Literature

We have considerable experience of writing copy for trade brochures and data sheets, particularly in the industrial sector. Nobody wants a tehcnical sales document which looks like a balance sheet or a telephone directory but images alone will rarely get over just what is special about your product or service. The right amount of wording is vital and it’s got to capture the interest of your customers.

Effective Selling is More than Just Listing Facts
Sales necessarily deals in facts but engaging sales copy with vibrant language helps project a positive image for every product or service. For any kind of sales literature to be effective, it must be built on firm psychological foundations. In its own way, it has to perform just like a television advert. It should actively sell your products, not just list them.

Why shouldn’t your product be entertaining to read about?
We help bring your product or service to life in the imagination of your potential customer. We give your sales benefits positive and personal appeal, so the reader wants to read on and learn all about what’re offering.

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