The End of Never: How to Open Communications Channels with Blue Chip Clients

Blue Chip business is the Rosetta Stone of economic success. Their strength and resilience as customers can provide your company with a reliable income stream in difficult and unpredictable times. Although many senior Blue Chip executives fit a certain stereotype, things are slowly changing. You no longer need to close your contact emails with a quote from Aeschylus in order to forge a strong working bond.

So what must you do to secure Blue Chip business?

Blue Chip CEOs need to see where you can fit into and augment their organisations. You need to offer some highly specific skill or service, then demonstrate how this can help them. The worst mistake you can make is to offer a broad range of services, since Blue Chips by definition possess more extensive skills and resources than you do.

You tone must be respectful but not deferential. Since you possess a skill or service they lack, you should project a positive and confident mien. After all, they are most unlikely to give business to a company that lacks the confidence to take it on.

Above all, do not reveal too much about your skills and services. Describe what you can do, offering statistics to prove it; but never describe how you achieve those results in any great detail. Since Blue Chips have extensive skills, experience and resources, cloning your skills or service will be relatively easy for them. Success with Blue Chips lies in weaving a spell of intrigue around what you do, while demonstrating its specific benefits in ways your customers can understand and appreciate.