Applied NLP for Parole Boards

Applied NLP for Parole Boards

Parole boards often say they ‘are not swayed by emotions’; however, all human beings are swayed by emotions, whether they know it or not. If their judgements were wholly objective and infallible, they would never release repeat offenders back into society.

This means that any presentation to the parole Board needs to be free of negative ‘anchors’, or painful neuro-linguistic associations. By applying dynamic NLP principles such as Pattern Interrupt, Homophones and Emotional Massage to the parole statement, we show that the prisoner is ready for release and eager to make a positive social contribution.

The rational mind is just one part of a much greater psychological matrix, although we like to fool ourselves it is not. Although the law pretends it is impartial and objective, this is disproved by the fact that rich and attractive people receive much lighter sentences than poor and unattractive people for the same offence.

Since every human psyche is composed of and continually reshaped by language, the adroit and subtle use of metaphors, symbols and narratives (among many other things) can manipulate and rearrange this ‘landscape’ into a pattern more favourable to any given purpose.

This is no less true of parole board members than anyone else.