LinkedIn: A Potent Tool, if used Correctly

LinkedIn is sometimes described as the business version of Facebook. While there is some truth in this view, LinkedIn requires a much more measured and thoughtful approach than just posting daily mood comments or snippets about one’s social life. LinkedIn is designed to make positive connections within well-defined industry niches.

Individual Branding

While the aim of LinkedIn is usually to promote a business, LinkedIn focuses on the individual user. To manage this contradiction effectively, the individual must present themselves as a brand in their own right. Dynamic personal branding involves much more than simply listing completed projects or previous jobs, however. The target audience needs to be specifically-addressed and this involves demonstrating a clear understanding of their needs as well as an intimate knowledge of their particular industry.

The Right Presentation

Aside from the business aspects, a good LinkedIn profile invokes the personality of the individual. Personal idiosyncrasies, depth knowledge and specific effectiveness within a given field constitutes effective individual branding. This brings us to another important point: presentation matters on LinkedIn. Bullet points can give an article impact and make it more shareable, for example. Choosing the right lighting for your profile picture can be the difference between success and failure. And remember to capitalise your name. Always, always, always present yourself in the most flattering light.

Helping you Establish your Brand

Casagua are adept at creating personal brands that can stand out on LinkedIn. Our approach takes the form of detailed profile modulation, together with regular posts and articles. These will be sharp, informative, well-researched and typically around 600+ words each.

Linkedin can be a great tool to promote your business but it only works if approached rigorously, scientifically and methodically. Casagua Brand Development can create themed articles as well as promoting your personal brand through regular re-posts.

themed series of articles as well as keeping your name out there through regular postings.